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lost-data-on-mobile-phonePrecision Cell Phone Investigations performs confidential, forensic and non forensic examinations and analysis of smart phones, cell phones, SIM cards and mini and micro storage devices such as SD cards and multi media cards. We also specialize in Spyware Detection and Removal and Cell Phone Data Recovery. Our services have been utilized for civil cases, by multi-national companies for internal corporate audits and investigations, infidelity cases in order to catch a cheating spouse, concerned parents who are monitoring their children’s activity or suspect their child is being bullied or pursued by a pedophile, lost cell phone data issues, people who think their cell phone is bugged with cell phone spyware and they’re being monitored and more. As licensed private investigators, we approach each cell phone case as we would any other type of investigation. Our investigative approach to cell phone investigations and forensics is not shared by many “cell phone experts” in the industry. Unfortunately, their idea of an “investigation” is to hope that the forensic software they purchased will find the data you desperately need. Obviously, forensics software is an essential tool in this type of investigation, but unfortunately it does not think and reason on its own. An experienced investigator is crucial to obtaining all achievable data and we apply our training and our investigative acuity to every single case. Our investigative advantage is very real and many of our clients, as well as their opposition, are utterly shocked at what our technicians are able to find on a mobile cellular phone.Addiationally, in certain circumstances, some mobile cell phone investigations allow us to obtain information without actually having access to the target phone!

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